Aqua decor

It by way of us hand-made rock decorations, made of artificial sand stone,spread among the aquarists from stock, because:

  • made by hand, unique form, differently,
  • cavernous construction, (onto plant planting, the number of fish lair)
  • with amorphous shapes which contribute to the natural impression of fish-tanks and terrariums

12 different sizes of decorative rocks: (KSZ to XXL)

Our trading partners, special aquaristic shop-and wholesale trade businesses keep it in their supply domestic and international market, because our stones:

  • their form natural, and unique
  • wrapped choosing, in cartons,
  • supplied with a barcode with emblem,
  • quality on a favourable price do their supply by way of us,
  • flexible we handle the deliveries.
  • delivery is according to agreement, with fix timepoint. (1000 km far from Budapest)

Having the elements of decoration placed in fish-tanks, algae may cover the surfaces of the rocks, and accordingly, the rocks may get greenish-black shades in time.

Terra decor

ur Hand-made stone deko’s ideal for:

  • Exotic animals, hiding ones developed for reptiles, spiders, insects, hollows enter commerce in 4 basis sizes.
  • Well spreaded the diverse, natural form and for a colour combination.
  • durch den 3D Effekt kommt eine natürliche Unterwasserwelt zu Stande.

We realise the unique ideas!


Aquarium / Terrarium

Our speciality, producing grilled, reptile, sliding door terrariums, spider-vivariums, florariums.



Wir bieten Ihnen 5 verschiedene Glasstärken, die wir je nach Wunsch schwarz oder transparent verkleben.

Artifical rock background producing ( The / m2 is decide the price ). Old, hurted background renovation or his redevelopment. Artifical rocks artificial stone from stock in all colours, in unique form right living place part of breeded animal

His request we prepare an any kind of aquarium with a unique size, a terrarium


We producing terrariums in 3 different category.
For reptiles, -For spiders, For chamaleons,

Unique imagines, forms is possible, contact in case! Colourless or black gluing it's possible. On request we prepare a terrarium with an any kind of unique measure. In the course of gluing we use aqua-silicone, like this safe our glasswares, ill. onto the keeping of in water live animals suitable. The air went, with a double grilled, indirect air flow system, Eu- compatible standard.



The planned and manufactured by us furniture guarantee quality and durability. Our goal is to realize your ideas.

Our range includes a large number of aquariums, covers incl. Lighting and cabinets.

From 2010 we also OSB terrariums in different sizes on offer. These are particularly interesting because of the low price for our trading partners.